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Counseling for Body Image, Trauma, and Anxiety

“The reinforcer of liberation is a life worth living.”

– Stephen Hayes


Worrying about food, your body, and what people think of you all of the time can feel so shallow, and yet the fear of being unworthy or unloveable runs so deep! An unrelenting inner critic can make you feel like you are an outside observer rather than an active participant in your own life. By trying to avoid pain, shame, loneliness, fear, or anxiety, life gets smaller. Maybe you avoid the gym, travel, relationships, or other things that feel scary or hard. In avoiding the fear and pain, many people paradoxically end up avoiding the very things they need: connection, joy, love, and adventure, just to name a few! Life gets smaller and smaller, which is the opposite of what most of us want! 

I can help you unhook from shame and fear, and reconnect with who you are and what matters to you. I can help you reclaim a creative, connected, embodied, empowered life. Every day I see people find a deep sense of liberation and true belonging. You can live better and love better, on every level, and in every area of your life. 

I specialize in helping people heal from body image and eating disorder issues, and the underlying hurts and losses that go along with those issues. I have particular expertise in Binge Eating Disorder and fat-positive counseling for people in larger bodies.

My approach to counseling is warm, funny, and kind. I offer individual counseling and women’s circles because I believe that healing happens both individually and in community. We need one another to thrive! I combine depth psychology and ACT Therapy with art therapy, active imagination, dreamwork, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and meditation.

This is not your run-of-the-mill counseling, this is Soul Work!

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Rachel Smith, MA, LPC, NCC, CAS, E-RYT 500

My Approach

My approach is creative, intuitive, gentle and sometimes surprisingly fun…

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I am no stranger to the heartache that brings you to therapy – I have lived it, too, and am willing to be with you in the trenches.

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Women's Soul Tending Circle

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