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Body Image and Eating Disorders

The phrase “body positive” gets thrown around a lot these days, but often is a surface-level gloss over an unrelenting inner struggle with our bodies and our selves. We all need to feel a sense of belonging, of worthiness, of lovability and inclusion. We are social beings, and the pain of trying to fit in when you don’t feel “acceptable,” or you have been told your body is unacceptable, can create a vicious cycle of constantly trying to fix yourself in order to fit in. Dieting, restricting, binge-eating, and even full-blown eating disorders develop out of an effort to belong, and to feel good about yourself. When the binge-restrict cycle doesn’t work (which ultimately it never does on a long-term basis), it can feel hopeless and exhausting – and it can create even more of a sense of isolation and unworthiness. 

The development of a disordered relationship with your food and/or your body is not your fault. The symptoms of disorder are signs that your psyche is hurting, and might actually be ways you have survived living with the belief that the only way to belong and to feel lovable is to “fix” yourself. 

I’m here to tell you that you and your body are not a problem to be solved, despite what you might have learned along the way. There is another way!

The judgement of bodies for their worthiness is pervasive and invasive in our culture, and can impact every aspect of your life. It can come from your closest friends, your family, your most intimate relationships, your doctor, or your neighbor. It is in books and movies, on billboards and all over social media. If you are a person of color or LGBTQ, the impact can be even more complex and painful! Wherever you land on the identity spectrum, It is time to end the war with yourself. Your body is not the enemy.

It is possible to drop the struggle and live a life that is rich, full, and values-led. You can choose to move towards what matters to you, even in the midst of so much pain and hurt. 

I have an experienced eye for the trauma and grief that come with a body image struggle. I have a deep understanding of body shame, weight stigma, and eating disorders – and I have the tools to help you heal, and reclaim your right to an embodied, empowered life. I would love to support you as you come home to your body and yourself. There is a deep wisdom waiting for you there.

Take the step and reach out today. I would love to meet you.